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IP Information

IP Address
Country country flag United States of America
Region Virginia
City Ashburn
Latitude 39.04372
Longitude -77.48749
ZIP Code 20146
Time Zone UTC -05:00
ISP CloudFlare Inc.
Net Speed T1
Usage Type (CDN) Content Delivery Network
IDD Code 1
Area Code 703
Elevation 89 meters
Weather Ashburn (USVA0027)
Weather Condition View Weather
Abuse Recorded

Reported on 13 Oct, 2016 04:12:28 PM

Set as DNS servers and are set as Name Servers in the registry. They are putting up an alert to pay to have DNS unblocker removed.

Reported on 25 Oct, 2016 01:00:00 PM

Changes client DNS

IT changes the client DNS so mapping fail

Reported on 18 Nov, 2016 08:33:20 AM


sheer blackmail! pay them to remove their malware or have them block your computer

Reported on 27 Nov, 2016 09:56:37 AM

Changes client DNS

IT changes the client DNS so mapping fail

Reported on 08 Jan, 2017 07:50:37 AM

RocketTab and CounterFlix

DNS server settings on windows 10 were updated by malware (Lavasoft? WebCompanion? Could be others). After removing malware the DNS setting remained. Fixed in Safe Mode using regedit and hikackthis. Symprons varied but mainly the injected additional javascript into google results pages which then lloaded alternative resiults at the top of the page. May also have opened second browser windows pointing to tool downloads which promise to clean up and fix Windows issues.

Reported on 10 Jan, 2017 09:22:20 AM

Pssible malware

Found after cleaning Trojan.Vittalia.

Reported on 10 Jan, 2017 09:23:29 AM

Possible malvare

Found after cleaning Trojan.Vittalia.

Reported on 11 Jan, 2017 07:59:13 AM


craker the user id

Reported on 15 Jan, 2017 10:05:10 PM

hacking my laptop

tried hacking my laptop with mailware, trojan,

Reported on 20 Jan, 2017 11:43:34 PM


After getting a virus, svchost.exe is repeatedly trying to connect to this IP while being blocked by MalwareBytes.

Reported on 21 Jan, 2017 10:47:09 PM

Malware virus

Svhost constantly trying to connect to this ip and displaying loads of annoying adverts in the web browser (found this virus using malwarebytes)

Reported on 24 Jan, 2017 05:11:48 PM

TOok over computer

cannot release this dns

Reported on 28 Jan, 2017 07:21:09 PM


Tabs keep opening up from go video go and some others.

Reported on 03 Feb, 2017 02:29:29 AM

DNS Corrupter

Virus changes registry entries, in the registry to remove or replace entries. Then go to the DNS tab under TCP Ip adapter config and go to advanced to remove the two DNS corrupted servers listed there.

Reported on 27 Feb, 2017 09:07:44 PM

Malicious Web site


Reported on 02 Mar, 2017 07:44:07 AM


Getting ads on laptop

Reported on 05 Mar, 2017 07:36:20 PM

hijacks your browser and in DNS Settings ads a lot of ads, popups and opens new browsertabs and windows

Reported on 12 Mar, 2017 04:33:52 AM

hijacks web sites

hijacks web surfing sites, clicking on a field to enter search parameters forces this IP address ot then re-direct

Reported on 13 Mar, 2017 06:20:03 AM


This IP address was identified in infected WIndows registry keys by an ADWCleaner scan of a computer infected with DNSUnlocker and DNSChanger trojans.

Reported on 15 Mar, 2017 04:00:47 AM

computer virus

Malwarbytes detected strange abuse

Reported on 23 Apr, 2017 10:25:18 PM

involentary dns setting change

an unknown threat has repeatedly changed my dns setting to this ip address.

Reported on 30 Apr, 2017 02:05:30 PM

Breaking into my network

Hacking into my SVHOSt (network) ip: Port: 62261

Reported on 01 May, 2017 11:06:01 PM

hijacks svchost and shows unwanted ads

Hijacks to send some data to this IP through a couple of different ports. Also shows ads on broswer by hijacking current page or opening new tabs. some websites (like netflix) also behaved very unusually because of this. Used malwarebytes to remove it (an hour ago), working fine since till now.

Reported on 14 May, 2017 04:39:54 PM

Continuous attempted connection.

This ip address out if israel is continuously trying to connect to my computer, and its getting blocked by malwarebytes, but this company attached to this ip needs to be stopped.

Reported on 04 Jun, 2017 01:02:45 AM

Attempting to connect to host

Repeatedly trying to connect to my host system.

Reported on 24 Jun, 2017 10:54:42 PM

Malwarebytes flagged it

Subject says everything I know

Reported on 04 Jul, 2017 06:23:06 AM


malware detected

Reported on 05 Jul, 2017 05:37:21 PM

Malware infested computer keeps trying to connect to this IP address

Malwarebytes currently scanning on obviously malware-infected computer, keeps flagging the PC as trying to connect to this address.

Reported on 07 Aug, 2017 07:02:38 PM


Malicious adware hosted from this address has choked my computer for months.

Reported on 08 Aug, 2017 05:54:59 PM

ip keeps trying to connect to my computer

ip keeps trying to connect to my computer

Reported on 24 Aug, 2017 04:32:10 PM

DNS Hijack

Not sure what the entry method is, but it overwrites your DNS settings to this and which serves ad pages

Reported on 13 Sep, 2017 02:02:28 AM


During a scan this IP was tracked and was sending information to and from, no vital information was stolen but it almost certainly would've if the computer it was found on had important information put on it.

Reported on 08 Nov, 2017 01:36:41 AM

trj rootkit generator

trj rootkit generator

Reported on 23 Dec, 2017 02:50:19 AM

This file is extremely dangerous

I got an email from my service pride or saying that there was a virus on my network trying to hack into their service brothers network I was very surprised by this then using Mauer bites I found this this is a very bad IP address and if you see this IP address immediately take action

Reported on 29 Dec, 2017 09:44:33 PM

malware twats

malware fuckers

Reported on 04 Jan, 2018 01:42:56 AM


The IP uses my youtube account, creates a lot of publicity and installed a program in my computer

Reported on 04 Jan, 2018 11:55:15 PM

Abuse of privacit

He hacking my system, and because this i lose much important things...

Reported on 08 Jan, 2018 06:57:40 PM

Abuse of the IP protocol

Abuse of the IP protocol

Reported on 21 Jan, 2018 11:17:27 PM



Reported on 23 Jan, 2018 11:23:29 PM

I saw gstatic .com was related with that,also bugged all I'm not a robot to show, DNS changer, web pages gets copied with a non working copy to send u add. Mozilla was opened 4 times when i opened one. Also got my facebook and steam account hacked the same day i got this malware

Reported on 27 Jan, 2018 09:14:00 AM

pirate mon ordi

pirate mon ordi

Reported on 07 Feb, 2018 05:54:42 PM

change dns

changes the dns of computers

Reported on 08 Feb, 2018 04:09:45 AM

Repair Image Virus

I feel like my computer has been hacked or at least my google chrome application. Every so often that i’m on a site or i’m searching for a site, another site will pop up called reimage repair telling me to download to fix the pop-up virus, however, it is actually the source of the virus trying to create more malware on my laptop. My laptop is already very old and slow and i need it for school. This IP address shows as a threat when I use the malwarebytes app to scan for threats. Please report and spread the word that this IP Address is a dangerous nuisance causing troubles for our computer users. Thank you & have a good day!

Reported on 09 Feb, 2018 10:35:33 PM

Ip dns changes not requested

Showing up in my DNS, not requested

Reported on 04 Mar, 2018 04:10:42 PM

DNS Hijacking

I have a virus that keeps hijacking my DNS to point to this IP Address

Reported on 04 Mar, 2018 04:27:08 PM


Website trying access pc blocked by malware bytes

Reported on 11 Mar, 2018 05:59:48 PM


removed multiple times from my computer keeps coming back

Reported on 01 Apr, 2018 04:41:24 PM

sending out infoprmation from my pc

sending out infoprmation from my pc

Reported on 26 Jul, 2018 06:04:42 AM


Tried to connect to my NAS

Reported on 14 Aug, 2018 11:31:07 AM


This is a trojan caleld Zlob.DNS Changer

Reported on 14 Aug, 2018 11:40:55 AM

Regarding Hijacking

My Computer got recently hijacked by this IP address.

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